Friday, February 17, 2006

1 block 2 After removing waste with scrollsaw, slow process.and almost finished carving10pmlast 2 photos in this collage

11am started on scrollsaw. carving cowboy. forst block out the scrap with scrollsaw

4 posed faces

Shadowplay with camera, doing things its not suppose to do , focus mostlu about 2 inches from lense hq some flash darker ones existing light, with tinfoil light reflector

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Here is close up.
from the blurry photo notice smile line under nose, I got a little information from rick-in-seattle, as to what he thought with it being a carature, Baggs under the eyes and raising the smile line up behind the nostrils would be more to his likings,

I agree.. i made modifications and am in the works of getting photos to show the difference.

more to come.



Although this face is only one of the 13 on this 12" carving teaching - study stick i got to the finish and need openion is it done or dose it need eyes or other work.

So i got Rick_In_seattles Openion, see above post.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Start of grumpy old man Teaching stick 8feb06

This is three views of a teaching stick
of my own design, its just started out.

Material : 1"x1"x12" Basswood

each one inch segment downards from top is a different step in the progress to the finished carature face on bottom.

here i started on the finished end working my way backwards although its not complete is shows Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 06, 2006

bubblegum & marbles

bubblegum & marbles Posted by Picasa
From basswood:
Camera was a cheap digital but was good enough for the time,

I thought about the playground in school oh so many years ago all while carving this small scene.. just two charters but saying as much about the subject as I could in the time I made for the project,

after thoughts are , where's the pile of winnings,
where's the other marbles they are shooting at, among other things, like dirt.

better efforts will be applied in forth comming diaramas,