Friday, March 24, 2006

Guess I'm HORSE THEIF! or pattern shape theif

Patterned in the likeness of lynn o droughtys horse, in the open wide vet and horse. carving he produced ....

Still pretty much in the rough , i needed to practice making animals, and Lynn's turn on animals among other old west charters tickle me..

Well lynn hasent got a thing to worry about me taking his job or over using his pattern, this one was tough to reproduce,,,,,,,

still not finished

cut from a quick growth slash pine 2x4 to carve out a pony.

the delicate legs somehow i managed to break the front right leg under the knee while trying to carve the hoof. but its all glued back and clamped

Most of the work was done with power tools, i cut out the shape with a scrollsaw. then worked the block over with a power rotory carver with a small sandpaper drum, just to work shape,
then on to the knife, to work detail into the carving....

The corse grain of slash pine makes it one of the most hated woods to carve by me, as i usualy get hurt more often as the grain splits and my knife or gouge will follow the split........

The wood is fragile. dry and will split break off or just be difficult as possible Posted by Picasa

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