Thursday, May 18, 2006

tonights results..

Little excited last night I guess, worked on the cook all night or from 10pm till 9am cramped hands for my Efforts is what i recieved..
wore my gloves and new thumb protector wrapped with veltrap, and am amazed no sore spots even where the back of the blade rubs mt index finger usualy its sore and feeling abused from 11 hours of carving.
i didnt get as much done as i expected. played on the computer for a break several times so it wasent a full 11 hour session..
results// in photos


Lionel said...

Y like your work, y dont speak english very well.Y am French wood carver and we don't know "caricature wood carving" in's so interresting...Can I put your link on my blog ???
As you want you can send me some pictures to put on my blog
By see you soon

Lionel said...